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Verklarte Nacht op. 4. Rev. Arnold Schoenberg - Performed by the String Orchestra

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The King in Yellow by Dave Kendall

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My dick is dry and my tits are fat. They’re gonna kick me outta the frat.

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When you wake what is it that you think of most?
When your bed is empty do you really sleep alone?
If I imagine you, body next to another.

All around me new love and it makes me sad.
All around me feel assured that you’ll be back,
If I imagine you, body next to another.

Stop crying to the ocean, stop crying over me.
Stop worrying over nothing, stop worrying over me.
So it’s been so long since you said,
Well I know what I want and what I want’s right here with you.

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jenny owen youngs | voice on tape
i want you back and forth
i want you up and down
i want you inside out

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